Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting reviews have been harder than expected. I have given away many many copies in expectation of getting a review but very few follow through for whatever reason, some legit others not so legit. But I got my third review on Amazon

 More than I expectedJune 12, 2013
I will read mostly anything I can get my hands on however I was a little nervous to read this novel since I knew it was the first novel the author had wrote however I was pleasantly surprised. Other than a few grammatical errors and also some parts of the text that seems choppy, the plot was good and the story telling kept me interested. I was able to connect with the characters which also kept me drawn to the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good unexpected ending.

Pretty exciting to know others are reading my book. I could have left it in a drawer somewhere like a lot of people do. Pretty cool stuff!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Looking for Suggestions

After publishing my first book and all the lessons I have learned and still am learning, I have decided to do something. I thought how hard it is for first time authors to get noticed amidst this sea of authors new and well-known. Self-publishing has become easier than ever with digital publishing and on-demand print. Amazon, Smashwords, Uncovered Books (coming out this fall) and Createspace for on-demand paperback publishing.

It used to be, as my Grandfather was a self-published author, that you would have to pay a lot of up-front set-up fees for the printing and then buy a shipment of books and hope you can sell them and make a profit. Only the most confident, motivated and with at least a little disposable income ventured into the world of self-publishing. If you lacked one of those things, most likely the disposable income for the initial investment, you relied on traditional publishers by submitting your book and receiving tons of rejection letters before finally getting one, if you ever did.  Those days are now a bygone era.

Now anyone with internet access can be self-published. This is a great thing. Of course that means that there are more new and emerging authors. Uncharted imaginations, if you will. Stories that will not be stuck in a drawer because someone behind a desk decided it was not a profit worthy project. We are free to decide for ourselves what authors we want to read and which ones to pass on.

I have decided to do my part in helping these previously unpublished authors to achieve some attention. I want to start a book review site just for authors that have never before been published. Authors that are unheard of from the everyday world. Authors that still have day jobs like teaching, manufacturing and service jobs. A place where readers can find their new favorite author. While titling a book can sometimes be the hardest part of publishing a book, naming a website can be the first and hardest part of staring a blog or website. I could use a few suggestions....Any ideas?

Friday, June 7, 2013

So Many Lessons

I believe I am destined that in all my life ventures my first attempts at anything every possible mistake must be made. My first book will be no different. By the time I get my second book done it will be a success overnight from all the lessons learned the first go round. I will say that some things like getting reviews are painfully slow. I know I know. I need to give them time to read the book. But some are coworkers who agreed to review then come to work and tell me they love the book and came to really care about the characters but yet the number of reviews on the book stay the same.

One of my coworkers even left me a funny voicemail. I keep it for entertainment purposes. I have pretty blond roots and in the service industry with irregular crazy hours, I sometimes get my days backwards. One of those days I thought I had the day off. Come 6:00 am and I was due in at 5am a girl who agreed to leave a review left a message "hey you were due I'm at 5 and I know I said I would put your review on but I got distracted with the baby and laundry so will you please cone into work now? I promise to get it in today." I came I'm assured her it was a mixup I'm schedule and I'm not that vindictive. Of course she has yet to post. Playing that message gives me a giggle.