Monday, May 20, 2013

My YouTube Rant

What people do on their own time, in the privacy of their own home is none of my business. When it enters my home, it becomes my business. I have three boys, nearly all teenagers. A lot of their viewing entertainment comes from the internet. We watch Netflix. Movies chosen are upon approval of my scrutinous eye. Sometimes before, sometimes with a lecture later after seeing the 'previously viewed' section. I'm no prude. I'm probably am too lenient in what they watch, but I still have a few scruples.

Two of my kids love to watch Tobuscus on YouTube. That's cool. I've watched him. I have even laughed at his rants. Definitely on the hyper-side, which annoys my oldest son. There are other things they have watched and subscribed to on YouTube. All innocent, most not my taste, but acceptable. These videos they watch are geared to these kids.

My issue, though, is with the advertising. I have no problem with ads in general. Hey, if it means I can get something for free, I will gladly look at an ad. But the ad is erotic. I didn't click on it to see where it led me. I clicked on another video and there was a similiar ad where a woman in only a bra was on her knees and bent completely over so all you saw was cleavage. My kids can choose to look at that stuff when they are grown men, not living in my house. Until then, I am responsible for feeding their impressionable minds and I have plenty of other junk I can plant in there to rot.

I don't even really care that they have those advertisements in general. I just wish they would match the ads with the videos. If the videos are about Erectile Dysfunction then you are probably old enough to see that that type of advertisement. If you want a russian or asian girlfriend, that's your business. If you are watching Tobuscus, you are probably between the ages of 12 and 15 and not an age appropriate ad. I believe YouTube should change their algorithms on that aspect of their page.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Well hello there...

Hello all you blog readers out there. I would like to welcome you to tipsy hour. I cannot tell you how long its been since I have had more than one adult beverage in one sitting. I'm a huge lightweight. 2 beers and 2 shots tequila. At least I knew when to leave. At the same time I made my first corny joke. Wait. That's all my jokes. When I made my first SUPER corny joke. I waitressed tonight and after closing we all four shared in drinking a few. The owners myself and the knew and probobly first official head chef at my local diner. The conversation was all business visionary. I'm only there to snag a few bucks but this new guy is a keeper. I wouldn't cry if they bagged me. In fact if Gordon Ramsey were there he would fire me. I'm new and I suck a bit. Whatever. I got $100 for4 hours work and that's $100 more than I had 4 hours ago. This guy, though has a dream. I listened and was happy for them while drinking my beer. Then he used a comparison of the restaurant as a gold mine and there were no miners there. I spoke up and said they could hire my 16 year old. On that lame joke I took my leave. Goodnight all as I must get up in the morning and work another 16 hour work day. Yea me!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is being a Hermit a Suitable Life Choice?

I have always believed myself to be a people person. Customer Service was always first choice in career options because I am friendly, approachable, patient and understanding. A warm genuine smile will offset any wanna be cusser outer of the business world. After so many years of retail, fast food and other customer oriented jobs. I think my latest one has me running for a deep cave in the mountains to live of the Earth and paint stick figures on the walls by campfire. The very idea of waking whenever I wish to bathe in a cool stream and breakfast off berries seems very relaxing. No worries, no material possessions to make payments on, no house to keep clean, no people to appease. Ahhh the dream.

Reality is I would like it for about an hour, nap a sweet nap and wake bored out of my mind and already sick of myself. Granted, I love a good camping trip, with others that know how. Truth is I am just kapoot and burnt out. Being a middle manager for a busy fast food joint is an underpaid high stress job. I don't recommend it. If I had to do it again I could just as easily be the underpaid woman at the window taking cash and waving, with no other job than that. "Would you like fries with that?...If everything on your screen is correct, please pull around to the next window please....That will be $1.99 Thank you and have a lovely day". I could do that all day, If my pride would let me as the sole breadwinner of a family of four. No money drawers to count and stress over a drawer that's $2 short. No assigning crew tasks and figuring out how we can be faster, cheaper and friendlier with less people than the day before. No dealing with call-offs and people walking out on their job. No being pulled in 20 different directions while each station needs manager help and tring to figure out why there's no pop coming out of the pop machine and calling to see who can get trash bags because the ordering manager decided trash bags was not a suitable item to break the monthly budget as opposed to ...oh I don't know...anything else. All this while a higher up is telling you the manager before you blew labor and now you have to make up for it by purposely undermanning your floor. Excuse me while I take a moment to scream inside my head. Wait, moment disturbed while someone asks for their tenth smoke break with a line out the door of the lobby and cars wrapped around the building.

Bored sounds pretty good compared to this stress. Of course I don't have internet out there to self-publish my books. Heat and shelter would be nice in winter. Well, I guess I really need to evaluate my career choices and make a change. Cuz this ain't cuttin' it no mo!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sleutz or Slutz?

I laughed when I saw this in the local paper. All I could think was this poor guy getting mocked by all his friends, coworkers and classmates. I thought newspapers were supposed to have better editors than this.
A prideful moment turned into mockery. So sad. So funny!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Murphy's Law

Murphy's law states that what will go wrong will go wrong. This law applies often in my life. Today for instance, I am finally hooked with internet service after two years of going without. Woohoo right? I can, at last, blog, tweet, email, and do general search and surf without spending oodles of time at my local McDonald's wifi. Tech calls me at work to let me know my DSL is hooked up to the house. Sweet! Come home and ...nada. oh yeah I forgot how DSL works. Its not a cable, its a phone line internet. Do you know how old my phone lines are in my house? Neither do I. In the few years I have lived in my century home I have yet to use a real phone line. Cell phones rule in this household. Guess I'm putting in a new line to the box. Uggh always one more thing. I hate Murphy.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Emailed Review by Kat

So. I just finished reading your book. I have to say, you should be very proud of yourself. I didn't expect it to be that deep and emotional. I cried. Which is a huge thing because I hardly ever cry because of a book. I will post a review to amazon very soon. -Kat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shout out to all shift workers

O...M...G. I am so tired. I am a swing manager at a fast food joint. I can be scheduled to work any shift. I am working thirds this week. As far as the work goes, its actually my favorite shift. It's low key, there's less employees to deal with and none are teenagers and no upper management ever comes in on third. It's just more relaxed. Go in, work, go home. It's all good. The part I have a hard time with is the sleep adjustment. I go home ready to crash but only sleep lightly for about an hour or two. Then I'm awake. After trying to get something done at home for an hour I try to take another long nap. It takes me about four days to adjust. Those four days I'm in a sleep fog trying desperately to remember all my tasks both at home and at work. Day and night I'm exhausted. Then I somehow adjust. The moment this happens, I get put back on first shift.

Last time I was this tired I had a newborn.

It makes me wonder how nurses and firefighters and anybody else that works swing shifts function. You people are special and amazing!!