Hi! It's Me...

Hi! It's me. Ericka. I'm not really sure what else to say here. It's easier for me to make up a character then to talk about me. Although I think I write a little bit of me into each character. I am fighting the urge to state that I like long walks on the beach and want world peace while posting my face on a bikini laden body. I could tell you who I would like to be. I would love to say that I am an outstandingly confident and talented beautiful woman who lives life in ease. Can't say that either. I will let my Mother tell you that.

Really I am a very reserved person. I try on the outside to portray proper decorum, respect and patience. On the inside I'm an ornery and disorganized procrastinator who just wants to watch a really good movie wrapped in a blanket on the couch with her kids and hot cocoa. I'm not cool. I'm not hip. Just an average Joe (ok.... Jane). I don't try to use slang, although I say 'dude' and 'whatever' way too much.

My three sons, 16, 12 and 11, adore me as their mother, of course. I am single and have no intention of changing that for quite a while.

Right now my life is fairly boring. I like boring. Boring means no drama. If I want drama, I will write it in a book or read it in a book. I love fictional drama, not real drama. I do love a good book. My favorites are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (cried super hard) and Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (Irony all the way).

I do love a good Movie too...Galaxy Quest rocks (love Guy) and Dead Poet's Society made me cry - hard.

I think I find it hard to write about myself because I don't find myself to fall into any one category. I'm quiet except when I talk our ear off. I'm private until I wear my life on my sleeve. I'm always happy except when I'm not. I'm professorial and respectable until I say something ornery. My life is amazing and stinks at the same time.

I suppose the best way to know more is just to ask me a direct question.