Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am Official

Unforgotten by E.M. Vail
I am out there now. I am a published Author. Amazon is now carrying my book, Unforgotten, as an e-book. Soon, I will have a paperback version as well. Not too long from now, I will also have an audiobook version of Unforgotten. All of it is so very cool. I laugh at home, though, my kids could care less. I am no cooler today than I was yesterday. My youngest exclaimed with excitement "I will read it! Is it an outer space book?" when I said no and described the story line, he said "Nevermind, It's a chick book." My three young sons have no interest in the book. My sister is in the process of writing a sci-fi book. Her book they can't wait to read. I have anxious readers too, however. They just aren't 10 year old boys.

Now I am in search of readers that appreciate a good teenage chick book. Of course most of my adult (very adult) friends read teen books. So I guess my book is for any one of any age group that appreciates a touching story. I already had a review on Amazon.

This review is from: Unforgotten (Kindle Edition)
I am an older woman. Even though I feel this book is directed toward the younger adult, I had no problem enjoying it. This story started out with great sensitivity, but with an interesting twist at the end. Richly written. I cried...laughed...and was left with a wonderful feeling throughout. Very compelling reading. I usually take my time reading, but found myself not wanting to put it down. I would highly recommend this book.