Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am Not a Marketer

So, I have a completed book. It is published. I have both an ebook and paperback available on Amazon. It will be available elsewhere, like Google Play and Apple and Smashwords, as soon as everything processes. I find it funny, in an odd sort of way, this publishing thing. You take a person who is creative, wrote a fiction book completely out of my imagination, and throw them in this anal business of marketing. Publishing is not like a light switch where one lists it on a site like Amazon and suddenly the internet is flooded with your book like a light in a room. It needs to be marketed. We are talking SEO and backlinking and affiliates. I don't know what these mean.

Okay, I get the basic idea of what these things are. I am not completely computer illiterate, but everything I do is creative. I can do Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator. I'm a graphic artist and a writer, not a marketer. If I could do SEO and all this other stuff than I would start a generic drop ship company so I can write full time. Ok I would write a book and market it so well, I would never have to work again, then continue to write full time for the shear pleasure, then sell those and be sickening rich. Sickeningly rich is not my goal, not that I would turn it down, but rather comfortable enough to know that my bills are met and if my car breaks down or furnace dies I can fix/replace them.

I would like to be a bestseller. Not just for monetary reasons, so I can quit my job, fix my money pit house and be home with my kids full time and still feed and clothe them properly, but also for the pride of being successful at something, besides three wonderful sons (I only want to strangle them half the time - that makes them pretty good - right?) But also I believe in my story as something worthy of sharing. I would like to think that I have touched the lives and the hearts of many as only a truly good book can.  The way A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or The Green Earth touched me. Something when at the mention of the title, someone will say "Aaah I loved that book, I cried so hard.". While I don't like to cry to real life stuff, crying in movies or books equals success. Crying or laughing out loud, not LOLing, but for real laughing out loud.

If you are reading this, then maybe, just maybe I am figuring this stuff out :)