Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Funny thing....

Funny thing is, up until now, I have been like a lot of other people with unfulfilled dreams. I have sat in my living room with friends and listened as people wanted to be writers, movie makers or painters but didn't follow the dream. Now they are homemakers, salesman or retail workers. I have been with them as this book rattled in my head since I was 17 and a friend of mine passed away from a brain tumor that had agent orange in it from her father, who had fought in Vietnam. I am now 35 with three children and divorced with my own boring dead end job that I can't wait to quit. (help me quit buy my book Unforgotten)

Oh, so anyway, Here I am, the same as others. This book took me 15 years to sit down and write. Then took me another year to complete start to finish (Not counting the times I only started). Of course it took me a year because I have a full time job and a single mother with a house to manage. I am finally following my dream of being a writer and getting my book out of my head for others to read and enjoy.

During this process, however, I have looked into this business of being an author and have been blown away at how many books some people can produce. There was one author who (can't remember who) writes around 15 books a year. That's insane. In considering this writing as a career option. I  am wondering if I can keep up. Let's face it . It has taken me 16 - 17 years to write my first book? That's only one. I feared I may not be able to keep up.

Unforgotten is complete and available. Now that my creative juices have been able to let go from Unforgotten, I have thought of other storylines. Yea!!! If I could only cut out the full time job, I could put out some books. Of course probably not 15 a year but a respectable amount that could satisfy both my creative juices and my meager financial needs. (For those active authors who write and still need full time jobs to make ends meet- SHUT UP! Don't kill the dream!) I was afraid I would be a one hit wonder. Well, I suppose I still could from a marketing standpoint but that's another blog for another day.

I wonder what unfulfilled dreams you guys have. Feel  free to comment. Who knows maybe someone is reading this that can inspire you :)