Monday, May 20, 2013

My YouTube Rant

What people do on their own time, in the privacy of their own home is none of my business. When it enters my home, it becomes my business. I have three boys, nearly all teenagers. A lot of their viewing entertainment comes from the internet. We watch Netflix. Movies chosen are upon approval of my scrutinous eye. Sometimes before, sometimes with a lecture later after seeing the 'previously viewed' section. I'm no prude. I'm probably am too lenient in what they watch, but I still have a few scruples.

Two of my kids love to watch Tobuscus on YouTube. That's cool. I've watched him. I have even laughed at his rants. Definitely on the hyper-side, which annoys my oldest son. There are other things they have watched and subscribed to on YouTube. All innocent, most not my taste, but acceptable. These videos they watch are geared to these kids.

My issue, though, is with the advertising. I have no problem with ads in general. Hey, if it means I can get something for free, I will gladly look at an ad. But the ad is erotic. I didn't click on it to see where it led me. I clicked on another video and there was a similiar ad where a woman in only a bra was on her knees and bent completely over so all you saw was cleavage. My kids can choose to look at that stuff when they are grown men, not living in my house. Until then, I am responsible for feeding their impressionable minds and I have plenty of other junk I can plant in there to rot.

I don't even really care that they have those advertisements in general. I just wish they would match the ads with the videos. If the videos are about Erectile Dysfunction then you are probably old enough to see that that type of advertisement. If you want a russian or asian girlfriend, that's your business. If you are watching Tobuscus, you are probably between the ages of 12 and 15 and not an age appropriate ad. I believe YouTube should change their algorithms on that aspect of their page.