Friday, May 10, 2013

Murphy's Law

Murphy's law states that what will go wrong will go wrong. This law applies often in my life. Today for instance, I am finally hooked with internet service after two years of going without. Woohoo right? I can, at last, blog, tweet, email, and do general search and surf without spending oodles of time at my local McDonald's wifi. Tech calls me at work to let me know my DSL is hooked up to the house. Sweet! Come home and ...nada. oh yeah I forgot how DSL works. Its not a cable, its a phone line internet. Do you know how old my phone lines are in my house? Neither do I. In the few years I have lived in my century home I have yet to use a real phone line. Cell phones rule in this household. Guess I'm putting in a new line to the box. Uggh always one more thing. I hate Murphy.