Monday, April 22, 2013

Facebook and I are at Odds

As many authors do, I started a Facebook page, twitter account, linked in account, a blog, among other things. Its all about self promotion. It didn't take long but I got hooked. (Hello, my name is Ericka and I'm a social media addict) I love to see my blog stats get higher and higher. Then I check the likes on my Facebook page. More than yesterday. Awesome. I go on and on like this through every account getting a high from a retweet or comment. Then something happened. I feel anxious and upset, partly for mild addiction reasons, mostly for promoting reasons.

Here's what happened. I got on Facebook. It tells me they believe I'm not real and I need to confirm my identity. Cool, no prob!  I grab my cell ready to put in special code. No such luck. They want me to identify my "friends " in random photos.
CRAP! I, like so many other Facebookers personal and professional, have both sent and accepted random requests. They gave me no alternative. No codes sent to my cell, no other way, no other choice. I take a deep breath and hope that out of the five people I have to identify, four are of the five are actual family members and one is a pic with the person's name included in it. No such luck there either. After failing, no other choice is given. One of the people I do actually know and had helped me get some of those random "friends" sends me a pic of his message screen to me that says my account has been deleted to spam or abuse. Not happy. Not happy at all. I want my account back. I am real, so real.