Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why books are great

In this age of technology, everything is in the palm of our hand. Every moment we feel the need for distraction, just pick up your cell phone. Get out your kindle, nook, or iPod. Pull out your netbook and ride the free wifi from your local coffee shop or fast food joint.

In an effort to simplify my life I had my internet and cable shut off. I took advantage of my little gadgets for daily distractions. I watch Netflix on my phone or read on my nook. I take my laptop to McDonald's to download stuff over a cup of coffee and Pandora. After having to replace my old phone, I find my meeting is not up to snuff with my new. My battery died while plugged in watching Heroes. That was the series I was into when I made the decision to downgrade. Having three kids I find many gadgets not charged as they should be.

With nothing electronically ready to properly distract or entertain I go back to the trusty paperback. I have a stack waiting patiently for a day like today.

Nothing beats a paperback. OK so I can't carry a library of 10,000 real books without breaking my back but I just need one good one to sit on my couch cuddled up with a cup of tea. I love the feel of the page as I hold it impatient that I can't read faster to turn the page to see...see what? I don't know...see who gets killed, who gets caught, who's in love with who, who gets betrayed, who's an alien and how it all happens. I get excited to felt the pages get thicker in my left hand and thinner in my right as I read further into the book. Tge bittersweet feeling when i see from the top of the book I don't have much more and these characters won't be with much longer but I so long to find out is on any page now.  Those are things you can't get from a digital device. I still love a good real book.