Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Last Facebook Failure

I have no intention to keep balking about this and I promise this will be my last Facebook bash. But seriously though, this is really ridiculous. I had succumbed to the idea that my account was closed after I got the text from a friend showing that my messages had been removed due to spam or abuse. I can only imagine how unprofessional this looks to the other authors and book clubs that have 'friended' or 'liked ' my page. Then I get an email from Facebook saying how much I have missed and look at what my 'friends' have posted since I have been away. It's not my fault I am away. I click on the link to come back. I have to confirm my identity. So I decide to try again. Maybe this time I will be luckier and get images of people that I do know.  This is what I get:

Image 1: Two girls with swirlified faces. I wouldn't know my own child like this.

Image 2: A scanned photo of magazine model. Even if I knew the name of the model, it's not her.

Image 3: Several people all together with the box around more than one face. Which one am I supposed to name?

Image 4: A pinup model on a truck. Again a model, not her page.

Image 5: A concert poster. Axle Rose is not my 'friend' but I would accept the request.

Image 6: (used 1 of 2 skips) Meme cartoon. It's a drawing of a meme on a stick figure...I dunno! Ally McBeal?

Image 7: (used 2 of 2 skips) Boobs. At least it was an actual image of the owner of the account. Nice rack but still have yet to ever identify a woman by her cleavage as I am a straight woman. I may notice great cleavage but I don't drool enough to be able to identify in a lineup.

So I have failed once again. I emailed them and complained. I told Facebook I was willing to confirm via cell phone or email. Something tells me I will not hear from them. Now I have to either be stubborn and boycott Facebook or swallow my pride and start again, maybe with a printout of my 'friends' as a cheat sheet.