Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reason to Always be Your Best

In spite of the fact that my day job is a swing shift (means it varies between first, second and third shift) I still have my routines. Many days that I am off work when my kids are at school I will go to local greasy spoon diner (inspiration for beginning of chapter 7) and drink seven gallons of coffee, read the paper and chat it up with Kristy. I always leave a good tip because 1) They live off tips and work hard for them 2) I like hanging out there and don't want to be a cheapskate filling a seat another paid patron is willing to fill 3) I love seeing them fight over me. The are part of my extended family. Today I was complaining about life as usual. I admitted that I need to find a better day job, a better paying job (one till my writing career takes off and makes me independently wealthy lol :):) As I paid my bill and tossed my coat over my shoulder the owner offered me a part time job. It was just what I needed when I needed it (Cuz I still don't have that rusty bolt off - hello paid mechanic - stupid bolt) All because I am nice and respectable to everyone I come across. I may be a little more tired over the next few weeks but my car, my house, my kids bellies, and my bank account will thank me later for it. Now if I could just hang out in the coffee room of the manufacturing plant that $20/hour and have the same thing happen. Of course thats not a public place so that might be a little more creepy than impressive.