Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Learning how to break the rules without breaking them...

I'm a person of many rules. They are rules I put forth to avoid issues. Social issues, legal issues, family issues, safety issues...and whatever other issue you can possibly think of. I enforce these rules for my kids AND for me. For example, my main, and simplest put, rule of thumb is to never post, tweet, text or share any picture, image or thought that you would not say to your parents, religious leader, family, boss, random criminal and child molester.

Here is my reasoning on this. I post a pic of my kids in my living room. To my family, it is an adorable family snapshot so they hit 'share'. Grandma doesn't realize that her Facebook page is still on public view. Now this "private" sweet pic is now public. My religious leader doesn't approve of my son's t-shirt that has an image of the devil's face and says "God is busy...May I help you?" Now I am being talked about in my congregation. My boss see's that I posted this saved phone image during my workday, even though I was on break, and thinks I am  a big slacker. Some random criminal sees it and really likes my 92" flatscreen (I don't own one) that sits in my living room as seen behind my kids. By the reflection in the screen he sees exactly where it sits in my house and decides to browse Grandma's other pics and can tell what neighborhood I live in from the other "family pics" I privately posted to only family. Then some other random guy thinks my ten year old looks tempting. Before I know it I am an unemployed devil worshiping mother with a kidnapped child and no tv.

Paranoid maybe. Cautious absolutely. When you stop to consider that my children are not kidnapped yet or been molested and my house has not been robbed by some random stranger. I must be doing something right. What about my kids you ask? Yea! they think I am overly strict. They don't have Facebook or even unsupervised internet access. My sixteen year old only recently got the ability to send and receive pics from his cell phone because I didn't want some horny teenage girl sending a unclothed picture of herself and he get arrested for child porn, or me as the official owner of the phone. The only reason I allow him now is to send me random photos of himself when he is out with his girlfriend. Hey! I was a teenage parent, he won't be if I have anything to say about it.

So how does someone like me market herself to the general public? Someone paranoid of giving out private information to masses of people? In other words how do I break the rules without really breaking the rules? I guess you should just watch and see if I can figure that out :)