Monday, April 15, 2013

I Love Shocking Others

I love the look on others face when I do something unexpected to them. Silly thing is, I can't shock or surprise anyone on purpose. I usually don't realize I am doing it at the time. But it's funny when I do. Today I did it twice to the same girl in the same way. How often can that happen. My day job is a manager at a fast food restaurant so I work with a lot of teenagers. There is a girl, we will call her Sarah, she was working the counter. Her first shocked moment came when my youngest son came before the dinner rush and I was preparing for it. He buys a sandwich from Sarah and was waiting for it. She doesn't realize he is my kid. When I see him I turned from Manager to Mom. I pointed my finger and raised a brow and said "We are about to get busy, I don't want to see you up here again till after the dinner rush." He nodded in agreement. Sarah's eyes are big and the expression on her face was one of 'I can't believe you just yelled at a customer like that.' She looked afraid of me, quite frankly. The other girls laughed and explained that the child was actually MY child.

The second time, after dinner rush, was when my oldest son came in. He is 16 and started his summer job. My sixteen year old does not look sixteen at all. He looks more like nineteen or twenty with his very full beard and 6'3" well trim physique. He was hungry and ordered a meal from Sarah. I am putting his food together in a bag and told him "I will give you your food if you pull up your pants." with as stern a look as I could muster. He grinned and obliged pulling his pants up over his butt instead of under. I handed him his bag and smiled. My wonderful and amazing teenage son said "Come here" and got me to lean over the counter at which time he planted a grateful kiss on my cheek. I turned and caught the once again shocked and confused expression on Sarah's face. Wondering how I can talk to a customer about his dress and then get kissed by a seemingly random guy. I laughed once more and explained that was my oldest son. Sarah seemed quite relieved and was probably waiting to see if any more of my "special customers" would arrive.

It wasn't a heart attack shock or maybe even YouTube worthy, but it was funny and I couldn't have done that if I had tried .