Monday, April 29, 2013

Unexpected excitement and trepidation

My kids like the windows open at night. Unfortunately this has left my house vulnerable to the random curious squirrel. We have a family that live in the couple trees and bushes in my yard.

I was sleeping on the couch trying to prepare for my third shifts I have to work this week. My 150lb mastiff / great Dane mix was curled up under my legs. I get awoken by a dog the size of a full grown man jumping off the couch from under my legs chasing a blur on the floor. This gray blur ran behind my living room chair and is now trapped by the threat of jaws larger than this tree rodents body.

This is the happiest I have seen my dog who lives a quiet and boring life. Her biggest excitement is when the kids are coming home from school. If she catches the tiny intruder she will kill it with one swoop. I believe, however that she has no intention of killing it, just to play. Looking at manslaughter at best. At worst, I have a pest stuck under my chair I have to figure out how to get rid of before I have an infestation or insuring all our rabies shots are up to date.

Either way I see me being very tired at work tonight cuz I ain't going back to sleep now.