Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Amazing Potato

I'm all excited. I get excited easily over daily things. I didn't feel like dirtying a cooking  pan, mostly because I'm slightly lazy, so I decided to rotisserie my corned beef brisket. I'm two hours in and it smells amazing.  Then I kind of spaced on how long to bake a potato and googled it. In the process I discovered how to "bake" potatoes in slow cooker. I consider myself an above average home cook and never thought to cook these things this way, well the rotisserie is a new gadget for me so I never really thought about cooking much that way. However the baked potato in slow cooker is useful. I live thirty seconds from a convienient store and my kids always want to go down to buy chips and junk food. They all love baked potatoes but will never cook them. Not exactly a convienient food till now. I can put them wrapped in foil in slow cooker, by the time they get home from school there is a ready made snack that is way better and cheaper than potato chips and dip. It will be good all evening and the leftovers have tons of possibilities from mashed potatoes to soup to potato pancakes. Yummy in my tummy.